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Frequently asked questions

How can I speak like a native?

I don`t think that’s the best goal and intention you could set for yourself. I think your goal should be to find out how to become like the most confident and articulate version of yourself. And for that the most optimal process is through “the wondrous loop”. See what this process is herein this video: Click here

How long does it take me to become a fluent speaker?

The answer depends on a number of factors: first, where are you starting from and how fluent and articulate do you want to become? What are your specific goals? Are you using the best processes and taking the best actions possible? Are you using your time, money and attention on the most effective ways of learning and improving? What I can tell you is that I can offer you one of the best sources of guidance and educational quality out there. It will be up to you to decide how much of your time and attention you can give it. It really boils down to how committed you will be to shape the most expressive version of yourself in English, how high on your list of priorities becoming a fluent and articulate speaker is.

Can I have a native accent?

Again, you probably want to learn the correct pronunciation of words and sentences rather than focusing your attention on sounding like a native. Any individual`s or culture`s or region’s accent is the combination of a certain number of pronunciation patterns. If you learn all these patterns you can learn the way all these come together to make up an accent. Some of these patterns are: the exact way of pronouncing the consonants, pronouncing vowels, stress positions, blending of the sounds, reduction of sounds, intonation, sentence stress etc. You will be able to master all these point through gaining the knowledge of them and practicing enough times. To start, you can find lessons on each point in the pronunciation section on this website: Click here

Can I become a good speaker without studying grammar?

Never ever as an adult. Grammar is the correct structure for your sentences and as an adult you can never learn these intuitively entirely. Some sentences yes, but not the whole languageentirely. So if your goal is not to be an accurate and articulate speaker and you would be fine being a mediocre or good-enough speaker, you`ll be fine without intentionally excelling at grammar.. There are creative and more enjoyable ways to study to master grammar and to be able to use accurate structures automatically and intuitively later down the line but the best way is to basically learn rules and structures in a way you can explain them to someone else and then think of relatable ideas and experiences about yourself to practice them and then try and identify them in contexts. If you have studied grammar and you have never learned how to use it, you might have not tried the best processes. For videos regarding this: Click here

How do I improve my understanding of what people say in a talk, movie, conversation…?

The level of your listening comprehension depends on certain things. First is your range of vocabulary, your knowledge of grammar and how much listening input you get on a daily basis. If you are exposed to a source with too many unknown words and structures you’ve rarely heard before, you will not be able understand much. But if your reading comprehension is much better than your listening comprehension, for example if you listen to a talk and you don’t understand nearly as much as when you read the transcript, then the problem is your lack of understanding of the correct and common pronunciation patterns. By learning those even if you don’t practice pronouncing them and use them in your speaking, you will increase your listening comprehension dramatically. For the patterns in pronunciation see question 3.

Can I have classes with you if I don’t have time to practice between classes?

Only if you`d have no problem making minimal progress. The processes and steps I will be guiding you through produce optimal results if you have at least 30 minutes a day to invest on your goal. I have the knowledge, experience and passion to offer you one of the best sources of guidance and educational quality out there. It will be up to you to decide how much of your time and attention you are willing to give it.

Are you a native speaker?

No, I started exactly where you are, studied and learned all this. I know exaclty how it feels to learn a second language and thats why I'm so passionate about teaching others.

Can I have a Private or Group Session (over Skype) or in-person with you?

Yes, please email or call us to gain more information on this option. Click Here